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Tension bar systems BESISTA for the steel construction of the bridge Redwitz

Bridge with lookout tower near Redwitz, Germany

Owner: Water authority of DE-Bamberg
Arch./Eng.: Neuner+Graf, DE-München
Steelwork: Wegscheid in DE-Wegscheid
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, with covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart

Good prospects with BESISTA®! The lookout tower on top of the very interesting bridge offers a fantastical view stretching over the Rodach river to the historical town Redwitz. The pedestrian bridge was built with the BESISTA tension rod system 540. BESISTA tension rod systems does not only stabilize the bridge, but it also improves the preventive flood control, thus protecting the environment.

This example highlights BESISTA®’s commitment to sustainability: Even the rod threads of the BESISTA tension rod systems are hot-dip galvanized for a long-lasting effect. The cover sleeves complete the aesthetic design of the BESISTA tension rod system.