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Tension rod systems BESISTA for the pedestrian bridge Ummendorf

Bridge near Ummendorf, Germany

Owner: Community of Ummendorf
Arch./Eng.: Brandolini+Seitz, DE-Ulm
Steelwork: Roleff, DE-Altbach
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, without covering sleeves
Photos: Brandolini+Seitz

Among the many reasons for the popularity of the BESISTA tension rod system with planners and builders is the excellent handling of the BESISTA system elements. It stands out for its fast and easy installation process while maintaining reliability and safety.

One example is the pedestrian and cycling bridge near Ummendorf, Germany. The guyed steel framework runs across a high-speed railway. A fast installation of the bridge elements was necessary, since the railroad traffic could be stopped for only a short time. Thus, it was possible to finish the installation within a weekend, not least because of the BESISTA tension rod systems.