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BESISTA tension rod systems as filigree tension members - bridge Ständehof near Pirmasens

Bridge over the B10 near Pirmasens, Germany

Owner: LSV, DE-Kaiserslautern
Arch./Eng.: Miebach, DE-Köln
Steelwork: Rettich, DE-Bodman
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, with covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart

This five-span trough bridge located near Ständehof, Pirmasens, is the result of a cooperation between Miebach Engineering, Rettich Steel Construction – and of course BESISTA tension rod systems. The bridge allows cyclists and pedestrians to safely cross the Federal Highway B10.

The well-proven and shapely tension rods were chosen for the suspension of the 46 meters bridge. BESISTA®’s unique feature – the hot-dip galvanized rod threads of the tension rods – once again proved to be invaluable. The suspension from an H-shaped pylon impressively shows that the BESISTA tension rod system manifests its aesthetic value from any perspective. This is only one of the many quality gains offered by the BESISTA tension rod system.