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Tension bar systems BESISTA for the timber construction bridge Siezenheim Austria

Bridge over the Saalach, Siezenheim, Austria

Architect: Zeller u. Romstätter, DE-Traunstein
Engineering: Peter Zeller, DE-Ruhpolding
Timberwork: Schaffitzel, DE-Schwäbisch Hall
BESISTA® tension rod systems without covering sleeves
Photos: Schaffitzel

Set in a fabulous landscape, the Hammerau Bridge offers more than just an attractive appearance. The boardwalk was designed for pedestrians and cyclists alike and connects the Bavarian municipality Hammerau with the Austrian municipality Wals-Siezenheim.

For this reason, the 68 meter long, flood-safe bridge can be seen as a contribution to the bringing together of people. Since only the BESISTA tension rod system 540 were used for the bracing, the timber bridges represents, in symbolic terms, the international use of BESISTA tension rod systems and BESISTA compression rod systems.

In this regard, the planners and builders could rely on the economical, efficient and reliable delivery of the rod systems directly from the factory – as usual in superior BESISTA®-quality.