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BESISTA rod systems for the Eden Project Cornwall England

Eden Project, Cornwall, England

Owner: Eden Project, Cornwall
Architect: Grimshaw, GB-London
Eng.: Anthony Hunt, GB-Gloucestershire
Timberwork: Häring, CH-Pratteln
BESISTA® compression rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads
Photos: Häring

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England, is not only one of the largest botanic gardens in the world – it also has enjoyed international fame as a spectactular scenery for a James Bond movie. The widely popular greenhouse complex is known for its sustainable use of natural resources, which is not only practised, but also tought at the site.

This goes along with the use of the sustainable building material wood. The timber structure is stabilized and kept together by the particularly resource-friendly BESISTA compression strut system. The special BESISTA® advantage: The threads of the galvanized compression strut systems are hot-dip galvanized as well.

Only by delivering the BESISTA compression strut systems to England directly by us without detour a short and cost-effective delivery time could be guaranteed. The direct contact with the experienced professionals from BESISTA® is another advantage of the delivery directly from the manufacturer.