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BESISTA tension bars for the refurbishment of the timber construction in a sports hall

Sports hall Paulinenpflege, Winnenden, Germany

Owner: Paulinenpflege, Winnenden
Engineering: IBS Dr. Meier+Hofer+Haag, DE-Stuttgart
Steelwork: Urfer, DE-Remseck
BESISTA® tension rod systems, black, without covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart, 6 IBS Dr. Meier+Hofer+Haag

At the Paulinenpflege Winnenden e.V., everything serves a good purpose: The establishment offers care and educational opportunities for young people with disabilities.

The sports hall of this charitable organisation has been designed with BESISTA tension rod systems, which are used in the underpinnings of the timber trusses. The pre-tensioning system BVS-230 enabled a fast and smooth pre-tensioning of the BESISTA tension rod systems up to 220 kN. The elaborate design of the pre-tensioning systems thus offers another installation advantage of the popular tension rod systems BESISTA®.