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Tension rod systems and compression strut systems BESISTA for entire Olympic stadium Sochi

Olympic stadium Sochi, Russia

Owner: Olympstroy State Corporation
Architects: POPULOUS
Engineering: David Dexter Associates
Workshop drawing: Jauch-Sielaff, Berlin
Foil roof: vector foiltec, Bremen
Secondary construction: Bakenhus Steelwork, Wiefelstede
BESISTA® tension rod systems and compression strut systems, hot-dip galvanized
Photos: 1 POPULOUS, 2-4 vector foiltec

The Olympic Stadium in Sochi, planned by the team of architects POPULOUS, serves as the Central stadium for the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. BESISTA® has provided all tension rod systems and compression rod systems for this stadium as well. The main visual characteristic of the stadium is the foil roof made by Vector Foiltec in Bremen. The shapely design rod systems by BESISTA® emphasize the filigree design and the lightness of the elegant construction as planned by the architects. More than 2600 tension rod systems with BESISTA® rod anchors (fork heads) in different diameters and rod lengths were delivered for the stabilization and bracing of the secondary construction, which itself was made by Stahlbau Bakenhus in Wiefelstede. Likewise, BESISTA® manufactured more than 2300 custom-made machined components with rod anchors, which were used to produce the compression rods – also in different diameters. Because of the exposed position of the rod systems, it is of particular importance to note that the rod threads of the hot-dip galvanized rod systems are coated with zinc. This feature is a specialty of BESISTA®. Although the deadlines for the 14 part-deliveries were almost unrealistic and followed a very tight schedule, BESISTA® managed to deliver the tension rod systems and compression rod systems on time without any complaints. The decisive factor for these successful deliveries was the timely cooperation between the engineering office for workshop planning, Dipl.-Ing. Peter Jauch, Berlin, which provided for a reliable and accurate evaluation and control of data. By means of the competent spezialized advice and the professional provision of the technical data, our drawings and the European Technical Approval (ETA), the BESISTA® rod systems could be optimized and thus the costs reduced. The easy-to-follow installation instructions in various languages, which comes with each shipment, have made significant contributions to the reliable communication during the installation process.