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BESISTA tension bar system for underpinnings in the Audi Centre Ingolstadt

approx. 30 Audi car dealers in Europe

Owner: Audi, DE-Ingolstadt
Arch./Eng.: Audi, DE-Ingolstadt
BESISTA® tension and compression rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, without covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart

More than 30 examples of the so-called “Audi Hangar”, a triumphant structural steelwork assembly designed by Audi BS architects and featuring BESISTA® tension bar systems, are to be found throughout Europe. At the Audi Centre in Ingolstadt as well as other Audi sites, the glass and steel architecture turns the purchase of a car into an unforgettable experience.

BESISTA® tension bar systems figure prominently as truss members in the elegantly curved roof construction. Given that perfection depends on even the smallest of details, the fully hot-dip galvanized finish of the tension bar systems naturally includes a zinc coat on the rod threads of the tension bars. The car showrooms thus celebrate two premium brands at a single location: Audi and BESISTA®.