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BESISTA tension bar systems for the steel construction structure - Clinic Bad Neustadt

Clinic, Bad Neustadt, Germany

Engineering: Schlaich+Partner, DE-Stuttgart
Steelwork: Mero, DE-Würzburg
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, with covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart

Roofing over complex floorplan shapes always poses a particular challenge, even for steel construction assemblies and BESISTA® tension bar systems. This was one of the problems posed by the Cardiac and Vascular Clinic in the German town of Bad Neustadt/Saale, where a cable net assembly was used to cover all circulation routes between the buildings. The transparent net assembly offers reliable protection against precipitation while simultaneously admitting generous amounts of daylight.

Extremely high loads have to be safely and durably transmitted from the cable net construction to the foundations. The BESISTA® 2-540 heavy-duty tension bar systems offer the ideal solution for this type of application.

The assembly features both tension bars with cover sleeves and castings for the timber compression struts. The conical castings made from spheroidal graphite cast iron were designed and supplied by Anton-Peter Betschart. The underlying principles are set out in his book “New Cast Structures in Architecture“.