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Tension member systems BESISTA for the steel construction of the Red Bull Arena Leipzig

Red Bull Arena, Leipzig, Germany

Owner: Town of Leipzig
Architect: Zech Planung, Leipzig
Engineering: Jauch-Sielaff, DE-Berlin
BESISTA® tension rod systems and rope connections, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, without covering sleeves
Photos: 1 Owner, 2+3 Bethge

The Red Bull Arena in Leipzig was a key stadium venue during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, hosted by Germany. The visual impact of the stadium is shaped by the roof construction, featuring two longitudinal, cable-trussed arch beams. The gracefully styled BESISTA® designer tension bar systems lend the elegant assembly that “certain something”.

The rope connections with special reduction rods, custom-developed and manufactured for this project, are a further testament to the innovative power, quality and reliability of BESISTA® and its founder Anton-Peter Betschart. All parts of the imposing steel construction are stiffened using the BESISTA® 1-460 tension bar system.

The 320 BESISTA® M45 and M68 tension bar systems were swiftly and economically pre-tensioned at a height of up to 56 m, without any hitches or mishaps. Using BESISTA®‘s patented BVS-230 pre-tensioning system, it was possible for a single person to apply tensions of up to 230 kN in a matter of minutes.