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BESISTA tension bar system for the steel construction Snow Dome Sölden

Snow Dome Sölden, Bispingen, Germany

Owner: Snow Dome Sölden, Bispingen
Architect: Kröger, DE-Winsen
Engineering: Horstmann u. Partner, DE-Laatzen
Steelwork: Unger, AT-Oberwart
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, without covering sleeves
Photos: Owner

The futuristic steel construction of the Snow Dome in Bispingen, with its characteristic roof stay assembly featuring the BESISTA® tension bar system, is visible from afar. Every day during the peak season, the facility attracted up to 2,000 ski and snowboard fans.

All roof suspensions and wind bracing were constructed using the BESISTA® 2-540 tension bar system in a variety of diameters. One particularly important factor on this project was the hot-dip galvanized finish of the tension bars, which includes a zinc coat on the threads.

As underlined by their use for contemporary projects such as the Snow Dome, the tension bar systems of BESISTA® International, under the leadership of Anton-Peter Betschart, not only speak a forward-looking design language, but can also lay claim to the highest standards of sustainability.