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Tension rod systems BESISTA for timber construction - Church Leutershausen

Church, Leutershausen, Germany

Architect: Herbert, DE-Hohenroth
Engineering: Federlein, DE-Mellrichstadt
Timberwork: Schäfer, DE
BESISTA® tension rod systems without covering sleeves, column bases of cast iron
Photos: A.P. Betschart

All braced frames supporting the roof of St. Bartholomäus church in Leutershausen are assembled from BESISTA® tension rod systems. This serves to underline the extreme versatility of the elegantly styled tension rod system in timberwork applications.

The incorporated rod anchors and tension rods belong to the previous BESISTA® 1-460 tension rod system. This was superseded several years ago by the heavier-duty BESISTA® 2-540 tension rod system. The outdoor pergola is supported by column bases made from durably hot-dip galvanized spheroidal graphite cast iron.