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Tension bar systems BESISTA in timber construction - Expo roof Hannover

Expo roof International EXPO, Hannover, Germany

Owner: Deutsche Messe, Hannover
Architect: Herzog+Partner, DE-München
Engineering: IEZ Natterer, DE-Wiesenfelden
Timberwork: Merk, DE-Aichach
BESISTA® tension rod systems and special anchors, hot-dip galvanized, without covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart

Spectacular architecture showcased at a world exhibition: this is an apt description of the EXPO roof designed by architect Thomas Herzog and pioneering timber engineer Julius Natterer. Measuring over 16,000 sqm, it provides a large-area shelter from the elements while still maintaining an elegant and airy appearance.

The filigree design of the BESISTA® tension bar system, comprising rod anchors and tension bars and engineered to meet high standards of safety, is ideally suited for enhancing the aesthetic spatial impact of this remarkable feat of timberwork. Yet, high-quality features are not the only reason why ever more architects and designers are opting for BESISTA® tension bar systems. Their contribution to ecological and sustainable architecture is every bit as important.

Outstanding structures require extra-special products. This realization prompted Anton-Peter Betschart to devise and fabricate special anchors made from spheroidal graphite cast iron for blind assembly. The innovation was based on the findings and design data from his thesis entitled “Untersuchungen neuerer metallischer Gusswerkstoffe für Baukonstruktionen” (“Investigation into modern cast metals for structures”).