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BESISTA tension members for stabilization in timberwork - High-rack storage Josera

High-rack storage Josera, Kleinheubach, Germany

Owner: Josera, Kleinheubach
Architect: Althoff, DE-Meschede
Engineering: Luy, DE-Wiesbaden
Timberwork: Hess Timber, Kleinheubach
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, without covering sleeves
Photos: Bilder: 1+2 Josera, 3+4 Hess Timber

The new timberwork warehouse of animal feed manufacturer Josera in Kleinheubach, currently the world’s largest fully automated high-bay warehouse built of wood, is an architectural tour de force. Due to its colossal dimensions – 77 m long and 30 m tall – the timber structure posed an immense challenge in terms of design and detailing.

The entire high-bay warehouse is stabilized by BESISTA® tension rod systems. Designed to supreme standards of quality and safety, the BESISTA® tension rod system offered the client and designer team the ideal solution to this challenge.

The intelligent design concept developed by Hess Timber capitalizes on the sustainable BESISTA® rod systems to deliver cutting-edge performance. Their specification on the record-breaking high-bay timber warehouse project also marked a further milestone for the BESISTA® tension rod systems of Anton-Peter Betschart.