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Tension rod systems BESISTA for the timberwork in the school Kinding

School, Kinding, Germany

Owner: Community of Kinding
Architect: Löser+Partner, DE-Nürnberg
Engineering: Martinka+Grad, DE-Eichstätt
Timberwork: Hausler, Kinding
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized with hot-dip galvanized threads, with covering sleeves
Photos: A.P. Betschart, 7 Hausler

The elementary school scheme in the Upper Bavarian town of Markt Kinding epitomizes the immense versatility of the BESISTA® tension bar system in timberwork applications. Castings, specially designed and fabricated by Anton-Peter Betschart, are used in conjunction with rod anchors and tension bars to form the truss members both in the gymnasium and main building. The design draws on the principles set out in A.P. Betschart’s book “New Cast Structures in Architecture”.

The rod thread is fully concealed through use of the cover sleeves variant of BESISTA®‘s designer tension bar systems. This produces the organically flowing transitions between rod anchors (fork heads) and tension bars that are the unique signature feature of BESISTA®.