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Tension bar systems BESISTA stabilize the sports hall Frauenfeld

Sports hall, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Owner: Armasuiss Bauten, CH-Kriens
Architect: Maj Architekten, CH-Düdingen
Engineering: BHAteam, Frauenfeld
Timberwork: Blumer BSB, CH-Waldstatt and Blumer-Lehmann, CH-Gossau
BESISTA® tension rod systems, hot-dip galvanized, without covering sleeves
Photos: 1+2 Maj Architekten, 3+5+6 Blumer BSB, 4 Blumer-Lehmann

All tension rod systems specified for the modern Auenfeld multi-purpose sports hall in the Swiss town of Frauenfeld were manufactured by BESISTA® in various thread sizes. The rod systems, which have been awarded an ETA that allows their use throughout Europe, harmonize elegantly with the timber trusses.

The structural timberwork assembly, immaculately constructed by Blumer BSB, appears to hover below the roof. To eliminate the risk of communication errors, BESISTA®, as always, supplied the tension rod systems directly to the customer without any marketing agents.

The mobile stand allows the size of the sports hall to be adjusted in line with requirements. It thus offers capacity to host even international sports events, such as the 2013 European Fistball Cup.