BESISTA Tension rod systems

BESISTA Tension rod system - Tension rods with rod anchors (fork heads) and cover sleeves

The safety tension rod system from BESISTA® enjoys worldwide popularity and consists of a tension rod with a left- and a right-hand thread, two rod anchors (fork heads) and the associated pins and locking rings. The cover sleeves bring the aesthetically pleasing design tension rod system to perfection, so that it meets even the highest demands of creative architecture and allows for numerous innovations in constructional engineering. The European Technical Assessment ETA-08/0038, the CE certificate and the state approved type stress analysis confirm the high quality and economic efficiency of all system elements, which are regarded as safety elements by BESISTA®. Among the special features from BESISTA® are the completely hot-dip galvanized tension rod systems with a zinc coat on the road threads. BESISTA® has developed the extra-high-quality S540N BESISTA® steel specifically for the tension rods. Its guaranteed yield strength of 540 N/mm2 allows for higher forces to be transmitted compared to conventional steels. This brings considerable advantages such as more filigree rods and lower construction costs. BESISTA® also offers rods only with threads and nuts made of S355, e. g. if the deformation is decisive for the profile or if the tension rods are used in civil or hydraulic engineering. Links to the most important information:

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